Ear Correction

Ear reshaping such as bat ears correction is carried out as a day case surgery operation, at our cosmetic surgery clinic, Doctors Makeover, under local anaesthetic. This means it is safer and one will be able to walk away after the operation. We only offer this operation to adults (persons above the age of 16) and, depending on the case, it might take at least two hours in duration.

The plastic surgery incision is hidden on the back surface of the ear and the cosmetic surgeon thins and bends the ear cartilage before fixing it in the new position with permanent stitches.

The ears are supported in the new position by a firm bandage for about 7 days. Once the bandages are removed, one will be able to see the results. We also advise our clients to wear a "tennis ribbon" for about one month at night after that time.

Complications of ear reshaping, such as bat ears correction, are rare but like any other cosmetic surgery procedure you need to be aware of them. These uncommon complications include wound breakdown and infection which are very rare as the operation is a clean procedure.

There is also a small chance of bleeding under the skin at the site of the operation (haematoma) which might lead to damage to the overlying skin (necrosis) and the risk of subsequent unsightly deformity and scar formation (keloids or hypertrophic). However, because the scar is placed on the back of the ear, it should not pose a major cosmetic problem.

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