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Mini facelift - Overview

Short scar facelift with almost no scars and mininmally invasive procedure with a very short downtime.


  • What is a mini facelift?

    Recent advances in cosmetic surgery has lead to a variety of short scar facelifts (mini facelift or SMAS) which are very effective and minimally invasive procedures producing good results with almost no risks and very little downtime.


  • Which area of the face do you treat during the mini facelift?

    The mini facelift addresses your lower half of the face including jaw lines and the neck but can be combined with brow or other relatively non-invasive procedures. However, if there is significant sagging under the chin an additional incision will be made under your chin to repair that area (sub mentoplasty). In some people it is often necessary to carry out a combination of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic facial treatment to achieve the desirable result. For example, apart from a mini facelift, it might necessary to address eyelids and brows which also can be combined by fat transfer in addition to addressing the skin with measures such as chemical peels.


  • Who are the candidates for a mini facelift?

    Mini facelift is more beneficial when a mild to moderate sagginess affecting the lower half of the face with relatively good skin elasticity excites. Therefore, there is no ideal age for mini facelift but it is thought patients between the ages of 40-70 who are in good general physical and psychological health with a realistic expectation will benefit most from this procedure. A mini facelift is very safe procedure and can also be combined with additional procedures such as fat transfer and eyelid surgery.


  • How is mini facelift being carried out?

    The operation is done under local anaesthesia with or without mild sedation.
    The area to be treated will be gently numbed with local anaesthetic and the procedure will be carried out almost without pain.


  • What should I expect during my initial consultation for a mini facelift?

    We offer no obligation free face to face consultation with our cosmetic surgeon, where your ideas and expectations will be explored, along with reviewing your medical history background. You will also be asked about any medication including over the counter and herbal remedies which you might be taking. You will then be examined and supplied with several pages of written information about the procedure and possible side-effects of the operation. You will be asked to eat or drink nothing for at least six hours before the time of the operation, if local anasthesia with sedation was going to be used during your procedure. We will show you around the clinic and take you through the process of having an operation in our clinic. You will also be supplied with our doctors contact details so that if you need to ask any question after studying the supplied information pack you can directly ask our surgeon.
    We encourage you to go away and make your mind up and even come back for a further free consultation with our surgeon. Finally, as a routine policy we also ask you to make a deposit payment once you have decided to go ahead with the operation and book a date for your operation. However, it is our policy to refund your entire deposit if you for any reason cancel your operation up to 48 hours before the time of your operation. If the anaesthetist has been booked, then at least one week of notice of cancelation is necessary.
    For more information on our consultation process, please click here.


  • What happens on the day of the mini facelift operation?

    On your arrival you will be welcomed by the members of the team and you will be taken to a room and your medical history will be reviewed and you will be examined. You will be asked to sign your informed consent form together with each of the pre-consent information pack which would have been supplied to you in advance of your procedure date to have had the opportunity to study them and ask any questions. We routinely supply a copy of your informed consent form to our patients unless you have an objection.
    The area to be treated will be marked when you are in a sitting or standing position. In women less than 50 years old we may ask you for a urine sample to carry out a pregnancy test or provide evidence that you are not pregnant, if you have not been surgically sterilised.
    Your pre-operative photographs will be taken with your consent.  In some cases, we give you some medications on your arrival. If an anaesthetist has been booked to be present during the operation, you also meet the anaesthetist at this stage. The anaesthetist also checks your medical background and examines you. You will be taken to our operating room. As you are fully conscious during the procedure we will explain to you step by step as your procedure is being carried out.  You may bring your own iPod or a book to read.
    We tend to use blood pressure cuffs on your arm and an oxygen monitor on your finger. The anaesthetist usually inserts a small cannula into your hand or forearm to induce a light sleep to help you with anxiety and pain control. We also might use airfield stockings on your legs and thighs to encourage circulation during the procedure when you are lying down. We carry out our operation under strict sterilised conditions. We scrub our hands and use sterile towels around the area to be treated.
    You need somebody to drive you home and have a companion with you at least for the first day after your procedure. We will supply you with necessary contact information and an after care pack which includes personal numbers of your surgeon to have access 24 hours a day if you have any concerns and some guidelines on aftercare and signs of symptoms of any serious side-effects.


  • Does the mini facelift leave any scars?

    Surgical incisions usually leave scars but the aim of mini facelift is to leave no scars or one which is as inconspicuous as possible. However, there is variation in the length of scar in each patient according to facial cosmetic needs and there are other factors such as healing time and scar formation between individuals but most scars fade away considerably after about eight months. In a few cases, the scar might thicken and raise (Keloid formation) post-operatively and would need further attention by your surgeon.


  • How long should does it take to resume my normal activities after having a mini facelift?

    Down time from mini facelift is minimal and the great majority of the patients return to normal activities within a few days.
    Although returning to normal daily activities depends on the individual’s physical well-being, it is well-known that psychological factors and the way we feel in ourselves also plays an important part in our decision to resume our activities. There is no physical barrier to return to normal daily activities as soon as you feel better in yourself despite the fact that there is almost always our personal choice and preference together with our health beliefs which finally influences our decision to resume our activities. We will supply you with the guidelines on this matter but routine makeup can be applied about a week after the mini facelift and heavy sport activities after about two weeks. For more information on resuming normal activities after surgery please click here.


  • What is the post-operative care for mini facelift?

    On the completion of the mini facelift a relatively tight bandage will be applied around the head covering almost the face and upper half of the neck. We see our patient on the day following the operation, when dressing might be replaced by a special designed facial garment. We advise and supply our patients with written instruction on looking after yourself and continue to take your antibiotics, if any painkillers are required. 
    The final result depends on the individual’s facial state before the mini facelift because younger people tend to benefit most from the mini facelift, look more youthful and almost wrinkleless in their face for many years.


  • What are the main side-effects of mini facelift?

    Mini facelift is a safe procedure. However, there is a number of adverse effects which you need to be aware of. It is common to have some swelling and bruising up to three weeks after the mini facelift. Feeling of some tightness with or without some degree of numbness over the face and neck for several weeks is relatively common but serious side-effects such as infection and facial nerve damage are very rare.


  • How much mini facelift cost?

    We are offering affordable competitive prices, most probably among the lowest in the United Kingdom because we are a relatively small clinic with low running costs and expenditures. Therefore, we have been able to pass a considerable discount to our customers. If you are able to find a lower price anywhere in the UK offered by any doctor, please let us know and we will be more than happy to match it.
    Our pricing is transparent with no hidden extras and includes garments, antibiotics, painkiller medications and post-operative follow-up appointments, when it is applicable.
    The price range for a mini facelift is between £1500 to £4000. Depending on your facial cosmetic needs we can combined your facelift with other cosmetic treatments and give you a very reasonable price.
    For more information on our price policy click here.


    A brow lift is carried out to reduce forehead wrinkles and lift the eyebrows. A brow lift can enhance ones look and improve ones confidence. The usual candidates are between the ages of forty and sixty with heavy brow or developed frown lines and furrows above the nose. This operation, which is performed under local anaesthesia at our cosmetic surgery clinic, Doctors Makeover, will result in a more wide-awake, younger looking appearance of the eyes, after removing excess skin and muscles during the operation.

    Post-operatively there may be some discomfort and some swelling around the eyes and cheeks for about a week but numbness and occasional itching around the surgical scar (incision) might last up to six months after the operation.

  • How much does a mini facelift cost?


    We believe that we are one of the most competitive service providers in the country (see Our Price Commitment) and we can match any other price, offered by a doctor in the United Kingdom. Obviously, it depends on your individual case but our mini facelift  prices starts from £2,000.