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At Doctors Makeover, our cosmetic surgery clinic, which has already been inspected and registered by the Care Quality Commission for “Surgical Procedures”, our experienced and highly qualified doctors who are Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS) or/and specialist plastic surgeon and are fully registered with the GMC in the United Kingdom will explain the procedure in detail and possible risks and complications at the initial free no obligation consultation and answer your questions. The operation is safe, effective, quick, affordable and straightforward.

  • Why do people request benign skin lesions (lumps and bumps) to be removed from their skin?

    There are a variety of reasons for request by patients to remove a benign skin lesions (lumps and bumps) from their body:
    Great majority of cases, merely unsightly and unattractive skin, for cosmetic reasons alone.
    Some people may feel discomfort and pain.
    Worry and anxiety about an abnormal lesion on their skin.
    Interference with clothing.
    restriction of movement in their joints if the lesion is close to that area.
    Embarrassment on have a lesion on their skin.
    Ask to remove before starting a new job or other life events such as having a baby, going through a divorce or preparations for a wedding. 
    Some might get bored with a lump on their skin and want to be removed.
    Unlike the past time with long Waiting List, minor operation methods have become more developed and they are more readily available and somewhat easier nowadays by well-qualified and experienced surgeons.

  • What are the advantages of having your minor operation in a modern and community based clinic such as our Doctors Makeover clinic?

    Advantages of Community based Minor Surgery:
    Community based minor surgery saves time for patients to go to hospital.
    As private section, we are equipped with latest technologies for minor operations and offering tailored medical care to each individual patient.
    We use private laboratories efficient services, obtaining the blood and other test results, usually on the same day.
    The operation is carried out by experienced and highly qualified doctors (Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS) or/and Specialist plastic surgeons) in comparison, almost all the minor operations in the hospitals are carried out by very junior and inexperience medical staff during their training years, as part of their learning process.
    Cheaper than private hospitals.
    24 hour access to the doctor and continuation of care by the same doctor.
    Less chance of any infection including superbug.
    Higher satisfaction and efficiency.

    We treat a wide range of benign skin conditions at our clinic including:

    Operation Conditions

    Tattoo Excision

    Sebaceous Cyst

    Moles and Skin Naevi







    Decompression of Carpal Tunnel

    Triger Finger Release


    Thrombosed Veins






    Tennis Elbow

    Carpal Tunnel



    Shaving and Curette

    Skin tags






    Hair Removal

    Skin Pigmentations

    Vaser Lipoma
    Body Water-jet


    Sweat Glands


    Sebaceous Cysts


    Tattoo excision

    Skin Tags

    Skin Discolourations



    Fingers and toes

    ingrowing toe-nail

    Removal of toe-nail

    Trigger Finger

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