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Nose plastic surgery

Rhinoplasty is the technical term for nose correction or nose reshaping surgery. The nose is an important part of the respiratory system and one of our senses. Therefore, apart from cosmetic surgery reasons, nose surgery can be undertaken for injuries and when nose problems might lead to breathing difficulties. Whatever the circumstances, the aim of plastic nose surgery must be to make the nose a natural feature of the face rather than drawing the attention of others to the nose alone because it has been tampered with by the surgeons or bears a visible scar.

At our cosmetic day surgery unit, Doctors Makeover, we can carry out some plastic surgery nose reshaping procedures under local anaesthetic. This means it is safer and you can walk away after your procedure.

At your initial consultation, the doctor will take your medical history and examine you and explain the procedure in detail and answer your questions.

We believe the consultation is a two-way process and you will share your ideas, concerns and expectations with your surgeon. In some instances, both you and the plastic surgeon might come to the conclusion that your nose cosmetic surgery is best performed under general anaesthesia at a private hospital. Your surgeon will be able to make such arrangements.

How much does nose reshaping cost?

Nasal correction depends on your individual case and in some cases we can help with dermal fillers and carrying out minimally invasive operation under local anaesthesia with or without sedation but more extensive operation is carried out under general anaesthesia and we will inform you about the costs during your initial consultation with our plastic surgeon. There is the opportunity for a financial payment arrangement with 0% finance. Please click here to read more about our price policy.

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