Hi Dr
Yes I look fantastic very skinny, tummy very flat and smooth. I am thrilled
with the results.  My recovery was much less painful than after Smart Lipo (done in another clinic before) and I am by far, much much more pleased with the result.
I believe my .... is coming to see you next week.
Thanks again and kind regards

Dear Dr Taghipour,
I am still very happy about the results, like I told you the other time. You should see my arms, you did them so well they are a work of art. My legs are almost perfect and my back has improved too. So a big thank you!
I might see you again in a year or two to do my back again.
Thank you,

I have found Dr Taghipour to be a skilful and competent practitioner who genuinely cares for his patients’ welfare. He always takes the time to ensure that they are comfortable at all times, both during and post procedure.

The clinic is maintained to a high standard, very clean, very hygienic and the people are kind and friendly. The beautiful fresh flower arrangements in the reception area display another caring touch which is very welcoming.

I would like to thank the Doctors Makeover team for their professional and efficient service and would be happy to recommend Dr Taghipour at the Doctors Makeover Clinic, Pinner for anyone considering a cosmetic procedure.


When I visited the Doctors Makeover clinic in Pinner and met Doctor Taghipour, I immediately felt at ease. Doctor Taghipour showed a great knowledge of cosmetic procedures and I felt I could trust him. I decided to have a few procedures with him: defining my arms, my lower tummy (which is now flat!), my hips and my chin (I had my chin done before at another clinic up north but it was a total waste of time and money!). I took the interest free finance option that the clinic offers which made it all very affordable. The procedures were carried out under local anaesthetic, it all went very well and Dr Taghipour called the day after to see how I was feeling. I was very pleased with the results, they were amazing!Everybody at the clinic is always very welcoming and the clinic is very nice indeed. One thing is for sure, when I have my mini-facelift, in about two years time, I shall make sure that Doctor Taghipour carries out the procedure because I trust him and I am sure that he will keep me looking young and beautiful for years to come!


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