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Vaser liposuction, Overview

Vaser lipo also known as; Vaser liposuction, Vaser liposelection, Vaser high definition, Vaser hi-def, Vaser and ultrasound assisted liposuction, is a safe and minimally invasive liposuction technique with predictable results and fast recovery period. Vaser lipo uses ultrasound technology to specifically target the fat cells, by disrupting, emulsifying and completely melting fatty tissues but preserving other tissues and essential elements such as veins and nerves in the body. Therefore, Vaser liposuction or Vaser lipo is a less traumatic and safer method of removing unwanted fatty deposits from very small to large areas of the body with almost no effect on other body tissues with speedy recovery and minimal downtime. Our Vaser lipo prices start from 1500 Pounds. Please read more below by clicking on each question.

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  • What is Vaser lipo or Vaser liposuction and how does it work?

    Vaser liposuction or Vaser lipo is a liposuction technique which is less invasive and a safer method of liposuction compared with the traditional liposuction. Vaser is a revolutionary fat reduction device in which the latest ultrasound technology (third-generation ultrasound) works as a fat melting device by powerfully disrupting and emulsifying fatty tissues. Vaser melts fat by powerful-vibrations because of amplification of sound energy at resonance. Vaser allows the operator to target specific fatty layers in the body to create a sculpted appearance. Vaser liposuction or vaser lipo can be used to remove both superficial and deep layers of fat from the body, from very minor touch ups to major alterations with sculpted appearances.

    Therefore, in the Vaser lipo method of liposuction ultrasound technology specifically targets fatty cells, disrupting, emulsifying and completely melting fat cells but preserving other tissues and essential elements such as veins and nerves. After liquefying fat by Vaser lipo, the liquid fat can easily be removed from the body, by the same Vaser lipo unique aspiration pump.

    Rarely, at Doctors Makeover, we perform Vaser liposuction and SmartLipo lipolysis on the same client to improve final results, particularly if we are concerned about skin elasticity. Generally, we use Vaser lipo to treat large areas of fat deposits in the body but we only use Smartlipo for very small areas of fat deposit. Vaser liposuction is also more effective for treating areas with dense and fibrous tissues such as the back and male breast reduction. In our experience, Vaser lipo is more effective for male breast reduction than other methods of liposuction.
    It is thought that Vaser lipo or Vaser liposuction is a gentle method of treating fat deposits which are resistant to diet and exercise. Vaser lipo is more powerful than laser lipolysis. Therefore, it is estimated that Vaser liposuction is capable of removing at least three times more fat per unit area of the body compared with using laser lipolysis under the same circumstances. This means that in selected areas, using Vaser lipo or Vaser liposuction, more fat can be removed aggressively from each individual area with better final results.
    Furthermore, Vaser lipo or Vaser liposuction or Vaser liposelection has also been used for a unique technique called "high-definition Liposculpture". During Vaser liposuction high-definition Liposculpture (Vaser Hi-Def) apart from removing fatty tissues from the abdomen, the underlying abdominal musculature can be contoured to the extent that a unique “six pack abs” appearance could be achieved. The technique has been developed by Dr Hoyos and Dr Millard in the USA and has been described as a marriage between science and unique Vaser lipo technology. However, recovery from Vaser hi-def is relatively prolonged and long-term scarring and puckering of the skin is common.
    Although Vaser liposuction is an operator-dependent procedure and final results heavily depend on the skill of the operator, the use of three-dimensional ultrasound technology helps the skilled operator to precisely target any size fat deposit area. Therefore, Vaser lipo is able to remove the superficial and deep fat cells in order to enhance the patient’s own muscular anatomy appearance and create a new looks. Some believe that Vaser liposuction has unique capabilities and is less invasive, less traumatic with more precision in liposuction procedures providing much greater cosmetic achievements.
    In common with other cosmetic procedures, Vaser liposuction is usually being used for "liposuction for the physically fit individuals" who wish to contour their body shape and it is widely known that Vaser liposuction causes less bleeding and bruising because Vaser liposuction technology is selective in targeting only fat cells, therefore, preserving blood vessels and other non-fatty tissues.
    Vaser liposuction (Vaser Liposelection) only emulsifies fatty deposits; therefore, during Vaser liposuction, nerve and vascular injuries are unlikely to occur and Vaser liposuction is less likely to cause contour irregularities and complications. Vaser liposuction can treat larger areas of fat deposits because: Vaser liposelection technique is powerful and selective in emulsifying fatty tissue and the same piece of Vaser device is also able to aspirate (suction) emulsified fat out of the body. Therefore, during the Vaser liposuction procedure the operator can remove the fatty tissues with ease and speed from the body.
    Vaser lipo has several blunt micro-cannulae which can be used to reduce trauma to the tissues. Emulsifying fatty tissue by Vaser liposuction is the first and main stage of Vaser liposuction because aspiration (suction) can be carried out during a relatively short period of time. There are some people who say laser lipolysis has gained popularity beyond its capability and some clinics use laser lipolysis such as Smartlipo to attract patients but once they receive consultation and are given impartial information about other options such as Vaser liposuction, they are likely to end up having Vaser liposuction, which offers everything laser lipolysis does and even more.
    Like other methods of fat reduction such as traditional liposuction and Smartlipo laser lipolysis the ideal patient for Vaser liposuction is someone who is active and visiting the gym with a healthy diet, who has stubborn fatty deposits. However, Vaser liposuction and other liposuction procedures should not be used for weight reduction, despite the fact that larger volumes of fat can be successfully removed by Vaser liposuction. Vaser liposelection or Vaser lipo is an ultrasonic device that assists the doctors to reduce trauma and downtime to the patient and Vaser liposuction means probably less fatigue for the doctor and the patient.
    Vaser liposuction is particularly more suitable for back fat deposits and those clients who have already had liposuction or tummy tucks, as they have more dense fibrous and scar tissues and vaser lipo can effectively deal with distrupting these dense tissues. 
    Vaser liposuction is better, with less discomfort, less bruising and less downtime compared with traditional liposuction. Many patients require no pain killers after the Vaser liposuction procedure. Reports from the USA reveals that a comparison between back Vaser liposuction and non-Vaser liposuction shows that a larger volume of fat was removed with Vaser liposuction as well as approximately one third less bruising within 48 hours after the operation.

  • How do you compare traditional liposuction, laser lipo (Smartlipo) and Vaser liposuction?

    For comparison of different available methods of liposuction please see the next question below. However, traditional liposuction still has some usage but laser lipo (Smartlipo) and similar laser devices, radiofrequency and other technologies are readily available by different manufacturers all over the world on the market with a gross diversity in their quality and specifications. Therefore, Vaser lipo seems to be a more reliable device because Vaser is manufactured and supplied worldwide by the company (Sound Surgical, USA) which has been subjected to vigorous regulations by the authorities in the USA. Vaser liposuction is probably the most effective minimally invasive method in practice for removing stubborn fatty areas from the body. However, Vaser liposuction should not be regarded as a weight loss measure or as a substitute for an active lifestyle and sensible diet.
    Generally speaking, Vaser lipo is more powerful and most probably a better option. During your initial consultation at our cosmetic surgery clinic, Doctors Makeover, our cosmetic surgeon will guide you on different methods of fat removal and you will be able to select the most suitable procedure for your unique circumstances.

  • Why VASER lipo ( Vaser liposelection) technology is superior to other fat reducing technologies?

    There are several reasons; as Vaser liposuction is a safe procedure and has a wide range of contouring applications for the body. Furthermore, among liposuction technologies, Vaser liposuction or Vaser liposelection is the only system which emulsifies the fat and has the capabilities of removing the liquefied fat from the body by the same Vaser lipo system, with smooth and predictable final results. Therefore, Vaser has been promoted as "a Step Above the Rest".

  • How do you compare the current liposuction technologies?


    Tissue Selective

    Pre-treats fat prior to removal

    Primary Mechanism

    Typical Volume

    Treatment Limitations

    Vaser Lipo



    Emulsification and aspiration

     Small to Very Large


    Other Ultrasound Assisted Lipo (UAL)

    yes, Partially


    Emulsification and Avulsion

     Medium to Very Large

     Too Aggressive for Small Delicate Areas 

    Laser Assisted Lipo (LAL)



     Vaporization, Coagulation by Heat, Avulsion by Suction 

     Small to Medium

    Not Intended for Large Volium Debulking

    Suction Assisted Lipo (SAL)




     Medium to Very Large

     Not good in Fibrous Tissues

    Power Assisted (PAL)




     Medium to Very Large

     Too Aggressive for Small Delicate Areas

    Boy Water-jet Liposuction



     Gentle Jet of Water

     Medium to Very Large


  • Does Vaser liposuction procedure hurt?

    We perform Vaser lipo procedures under local anaesthesia with or without sedation. This means that there is no chance of relatively serious side-effects of general anaesthesia. However, during the Vaser lipo procedure you will be fully awake and will be able to leave our clinic straight after your Vaser Liposuction procedure. Vaser lipo is well tolerated and has been described by the great majority of our clients as comfortable, but on some occasions there may be an experience of slight stinging, tugging, pulling and even pain has been reported. For this reason we recommend our clients to have sedation apart from our routine use of local anaesthetic agents. Therefore, depending on the site and extent of the areas to be treated, we need your help and cooperation and we will also advise you on the use of services of an anaesthetist who will add sedative medications to the local anaesthetic effect to counteract your anxiety and any pain and discomfort. We will do our best to make your Vaser liposuction tolerable without pain and an a pleasant experience for you.

  • Is Vaser Lipo a safe liposuction procedure?

    Vaser Liposuction and Smartlipo are considered to be safe procedures, as these procedures are carried out under local anaesthesia. You will be able to leave our clinic straight after your Vaser liposuction procedure. Worldwide, thousands of Vaser liposuction procedures have been performed without any reported cases of serious life threatening events, according to the manufacturer of Vaser, Sound Surgical USA. Smartlipo is also a safe procedure and it has been used in South and North America, Europe and Asia for some years and Vaser lipo has been described as a success in the field of liposuction. It has been reported that as much as 40% of all liposuction procedures in the United States of America (USA) are carried out by Vaser liposuction. Oozing blood stained liquid from incision sites and discomfort, soreness, dull background pain are described by some people immediately after having Vaser liposuction procedure. Less commonly occurring problems such as bruising, slight swelling and other rare side-effects will be discussed in your initial consultation and before signing the Informed Consent Form before your procedure. It is known that Vaser liposuction causes less bleeding and bruising than traditional liposuction because Vaser lipo (liposelection) technology is particularly selective in targeting only fat cells, therefore preserving blood vessels and other non-fatty tissues such as nerves. Therefore, in comparison with other methods of liposuction, Vaser lipo or Vaser liposuction is a safer method of liposuction with fewer and milder complications.

  • Do you guarantee good results after Vaser lipo (Vaser liposelection) procedure?

    As a doctor, under our Professional Code of Conduct in the UK, we are barred from undertaking or giving a guaranteed result for any treatment or procedure/operation. However, with your permission, we will take pictures from the areas to be treated before the Vaser liposuction procedure and we will also take pictures of the same area sometimes after the Vaser lipo procedure and finally we will be in a position to compare these pictures which have been taken before and after your Vaser lipo procedure. Provided that there are "before and after" pictures for comparison, this means you have attended your six week, three and six month post-procedure appointments and allowed us to take pictures and your weight/BMI has not changed, we will repeat the procedure on the same area without any charge if there is no visible results. However, if you are not happy with the final results after the procedure but there are visible results on your examination and comparing the 'before and after' pictures, we will also do our best to help you to address your concerns. However, in this rare circumstance, it is our policy to charge you only the basic cost to cover our consumables for your procedure. We are confident that we will be able to help you.

  • Can Vaser lipo (Vaser liposelection) be used to treat other conditions?

    Application of Vaser liposuction is wide and it has been used in treatment of excessive armpit sweating or axilliary hyperhidrosis. There are reports of clients who experience improvement or almost complete resolution of excess sweating without adverse effects after having Vaser lipo treatment. Before having Vaser lipo for excessive sweating in the armpits, with the use of starch iodine the site of excess sweating can be determined then by using Vaser lipo with its ultrasonic energy the sweat glands can be permanently interrupted and destroyed. However, at Doctors Makeover, our cosmetic surgery clinic, we also use Body Water-jet for treatment of excessive sweating in the armpits (hyperhidrosis).
    Vaser liposuction has other versatile applications. There are several different cannulae and probes which can safely deliver continuous ultrasonic energy to any part of the body. Therefore, Vaser liposelection or Vaser liposuction procedures can be performed anywhere in the body. Some people use it to enhance retraction even in combination with a facelift procedure. We are increasingly using Vaser liposuction in conjunction with other cosmetic surgeries such as a combination of abdominal liposuction and tummy tuck (lipoabdominoplasty).
    Vaser liposuction has also been used in individuals without being overweight, to contour the waistline area and those areas of the waist and body trunk which could not be precisely and effectively addressed by other liposuction techniques and surgery such as abdominoplasty. Vaser liposuction has been used for breast reduction in male clients and for breast reduction and tightening of certain type of female breast instead of an open surgery and subsequent scar formation. Vaser liposuction can be used for re-shaping arms and legs by removing any size fat deposits.
    There are strong points of view that the future of body sculpting might involve with evolution of ultrasound technology and certainly Vaser lipo (Vaser liposelection) could be the centre of this developing technology. There is no doubt that Vaser liposuction has brought versatility to liposuction techniques and opens almost unlimited boundaries into this liposuction technique. There is an increasing demand for the removal of localised fat, to contour the body and create a more pleasing shape even in individuals without carrying significant excessive weight. Vaser liposuction allows the surgeon to turn people into living breathing works of art and that is what cosmetic and aesthetic medicine is all about.

  • What is the difference between Vaser Lipo, Body Water-jet and Laser lipolysis (Smartlipo)?

    There are differences between Vaser lipo, Body Water-jet and Smartlipo. Vaser Liposuction and Body Water-jet are tissue selective in their action. This means Vaser lipo and Water-jet only target fat cells but they preserve other tissue structures such as nerves and blood vessels. However, Smartlipo, other similar laser devices and radiofrequency fat reducing devices are non-selective and they mainly use heat energy to melt fat. Vaser liposuction can be used for treatment of any sized fatty deposits from small to large area because flexibility of  Vaser device and Vaser high emulsifying power allows the operator to deal of fatty tissues more effectively than Smartlipo. At Doctors Makeover, we think that Body water-jet is also very suitable device for fat collection and we use Water-jet in our fat transfer procedures.

  • What is the difference between Vaser lipo (Vaser liposelection) and traditional liposuction or power assisted liposuction?

    Vaser Liposuction is different from traditional liposuction in many ways. In traditional liposuction the powerful vacuum out tissues from the body. Traditional liposuction or power assisted liposuction usually forcefully torn away and vacuum tissues by avulsion. Therefore, power assisted liposuction or tradition liposuction is a non-specific and a more invasive procedure. However, Vaser liposuction melts only fatty tissues selectively and tends to give a smooth and even result compared with occasional uneven results with traditional liposuction. It has been shown that carrying out traditional liposuction on one side of the body and Vaser liposelection on the other side, the client was more satisfied with Vaser lipo because it gives a more sculpted results with less discomfort to the same client.
    Therefore, Vaser lipo (Vaser liposelection) is less traumatic surgical techniques. Vaser lipo or Vaser liposuction device apart from allowing the surgeon to measure local anaesthetic drugs during the procedure, Vaser lipo device probes also allow the surgeon to deliver ultrasonic energy to a small and large area of fatty deposits. Vaser  device precision to emulsify fat cells with the diffused ultrasound energy by a small solid groove on the probe. Vaser also aspirates emulsified fat out of the body through fine cannulae that are designed to cause minimal tissue trauma because Vaser liposuction probes are smooth with rounded blunt tips. Vaser lipo cannulae are relatively small in size (2 – 3.7mm in diameter micro-cannula) without cutting edges as was a feature in traditional liposuction and the previous generations of ultrasound devices. On other hand, larger cannulae are used in traditional liposuction.
    Vaser lipo (liposelection) energy emulsifies the fatty tissue for easy and relatively non-traumatic aspiration by the same equipment without damaging the matrix and remaining architecture and scaffolding of the tissues. Therefore, in Vaser liposuction the skin retraction and tightening is more likely to be enhanced.

  • Is Vaser lipo (Vaser liposelection) specific for fat removal?

    Yes, Vaser only effects fat cells. In comparison, traditional liposuction procedures forcefully suctioned out the tissues by avulsion. In Vaser lipo or Vaser liposelection technology because its action is tissue selective. Vaser lipo leaves a relatively undisturbed the web of connective tissues between fat cells to help skin contraction and gives smooth shapely results.
    There are other liposelective action benefits of Vaser lipo, because Vaser lipo only removes fatty tissues, Vaser lipo preserves the nerves and blood vessels and leaves them undisturbed. The other benefits of Vaser lipo is related to satisfaction of patients who report relatively low or minimal pain and bruising. In addition, doctors also reported to be satisfied with Vaser lipo usage.
    It has been claimed that probably Vaser liposuction is one of the only devices available which could readily facilitate smooth, even and shapely contouring of the body. Vaser lipo flexibility of action is in its optimal pulsed ultrasonic energy which provides surgeons with predictable results and leads to a very low incidence of re-treatment.

  • What areas can be treated with Vaser lipo (Vaser liposelection)?

    Vaser liposuction can treat any area of the body which could be treated by the other liposuction methods such as, Body Water-jet or laser lipo (Smartlipo) and traditional liposuction. However, Vaser lipo has additional benefits and can be used for:
    Love handles
    Inner thigh
    Outer thighs
    Female breasts
    Male Breasts
    Chin and neck areas
    In addition, there are certain areas which are specially benefited by Vaser liposuction procedure including:
    Small area of the body with low volume fat deposits in people with a relatively normal weight, therefore Vaser lipo is used for contouring of the body.
    Back rolls can be treated by Vaser lipo effectively because Vaser lipo effects fibrous tissue.
    It is known that Vaser lipo can be used anywhere in the body where fibrous tissues are mixed with fatty tissues. Vaser lipo has been tried to treat excessive sweating in armpits.
    Vaser lipo is being used for fat collection and fat transfer and it is also useful for localised collection of fat deposits such as large lipomas and upper back fat deposits (humps).
    Vaser lipo can be used for touch-ups and re-treatments, because Vaser lipo can break down adhesive tissues more effectively.
    Vaser lipo is one of the effective methods for treatment of male breast reduction. 

  • What kind of anaesthesia do you use for Vaser liposuction?

    Vaser Liposuction can be performed under local, regional or general anaesthesia. However, we use local anaesthetic mainly in the form of a tumescent fluid to numb the area to be treated before being able to perform the Vaser liposuction procedure. You are fully awake during the Vaser liposuction procedure and you can leave our clinic as soon as you finish your procedure. However, we also offer the services of an anaesthetist who will help with sedative medications to counter act any anxiety or discomfort, apart from local sedation. Please read more

    Can you briefly describe how Vaser liposuction is carried out?
    After an initial free no obligation consultation, we supply you with a written pre-operative information pack. We will arrange a date with you when the Vaser liposuction procedure is performed under local anaesthesia with or without sedation. After numbing the skin with local anaesthetic agents and making a small cut (incision) in the skin the Vaser Liposelective probe will be introduced through the cut into the fatty area to be treated and apply Vaser liposelection ultrasonic energy to emulsify the fatty tissues, then using a cannula the same piece of equipment, Vaser lipo, will aspirate the emulsified fat and results are noticeable as soon as the procedure is over with the prospect of further improvement in the following few months after the Vaser liposuction treatment.

  • What should I expect around time of my Vaser liposuction?

    If you are a smoker, it is advisable to stop smoking about 2 weeks before the procedure, because smoking reduces your circulation and probably slows down the healing process following the Vaser liposuction procedure and excess alcoholic drinks are known to damage health.

    It is also advisable to avoid taking aspirin and other the counter remedies which might thinner the blood and may cause bleeding and bruising during or in the immediate period after the Vaser liposuction operation. There are other healthy measures which are sensible measures such as having a healthy diet and taking regular exercise will help to maintain you in a good shape after Vaser liposuction.

    It is advisable to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing on the day of Vaser liposuction surgery. We supply you with appropriate garments and we will give you more information on the day of your Vaser liposuction procedure.
    It is also advisable to avoid bringing with you expensive jewelleries and other expensive items. Immediately after Vaser liposuction you will notice some blood stained liquid coming out of the small cuts in your skin and this process might continue for several hours. Therefore, it is advisable that you should arrange to have somebody drive you home, particularly if you receive sedative medication. As Vaser Liposuction is performed under local anaesthetic drugs you can eat and drink normally but we advise you to take a light breakfast on the day of surgery if the procedure is going to be carried out on your abdominal areas. However, if you are going to receive sedation by the anaesthetist during your Vaser lipo procedure, then you must not eat anything for six hours but can only drink water up to three hours before the booked time of your Vaser liposuction procedure.  It is advisable to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing on the day of Vaser liposuction surgery. We supply you with appropriate garments and we will give you more information on the day of your Vaser liposuction procedure.

  • Who could be a candidate for Vaser liposuction?

    In general, for some people, having a cosmetic surgery is a life event which needs psychological preparation and you also need to be in a good health at the time of the Vaser lipo operation. We perform Vaser lipo on healthy people who are also not significantly overweight. Therefore, during your initial consultations we take your medical history and examine you to establish your fitness for Vaser lipo. We give you information and answer your questions and if you decided to use our services we want to know, if you suffer from any illness including colds, cold sores, temperature or any other illness before you come back to our cosmetic surgery clinic, Doctors Makeover, to have your Vaser lipo.

  • What are the main adverse-effects of Vaser liposuction?

    After your Vaser lipo, before leaving the clinic you will be fitted with an elastic-type garment to provide comfort and support while helping your skin conform to your new body contour. You are advised to wear the garment continueously, 24 hours a day, for at least 2 weeks after Vaser liposuction or depending on the area which has been treated as you have been advised by the doctor, apart from removing the garment once a day for washing/laundering.
    If you feel uncomfortable you can change bandage at any time and use sponge bathing from the second day following the Vaser lipo operation. Taking baths and showers should be avoided during the first 72 hours following the Vaser lipo procedure. You could then wash the area with soap and running water before being able to dry the area and wear your garment. It is advisable to avoid applying ice or heat to the treated area, particularly you must not apply heat or cold during the first 12 hours following your Vaser liposuction operation. 
    It is advisable to keep your dressings as clean and dry as possible. This might mean to change the dressing several times in the hours following the Vaser liposuction operation, as you should expect some oozing and drainage of blood-tinged local anaesthetic solution from the incision sites due to fluid injected during the Vaser Liposuctive procedure. Although the fluid may appear red, it is mostly anaesthetic solution and saline and only 1% blood. In general, the most drainage there is the less bruising and swelling there will be after Vaser liposuction. Many patients have found it helpful to use a shower curtain or other protective covering on their mattress for the first day after their Vaser Liposuctive procedure (we might supply you pads). As your incisions stop draining, please clean with tap water and cover it only if your garment is rubbing on the incisions. Following the Vaser liposuction procedure some people report that some itching, pulling, pinching, hardness, tightness and/or a slight numbness of sensations are also normal. They should subside within 24 hours up to a week but sometimes can last for months following the surgery. This is a part of the healing process after Vaser liposuction and your patience is appreciated. However, any sudden deterioration in your condition Vaser liposuction, particularly if you experienced excessive pain, redness, fullness and swelling in the treated area, particularly if you feel unwell and have temperature/fever you need to contact us immediately because it might be infection or other very rare complications.
    It is advisable to rest for the first 12 hours following the Vaser lipo procedure. Some people experience light headedness when rising or removing or changing their compression garment. Maintaining a balanced diet without added salt to prevent fluid retention is beneficial. Gentle message and use of biocelase which is a combination of laser, ultrasound and vacuum, which helps lymphatic drainage is also beneficial. I encourage the clients to be active after the procedure but avoid contact sports for about four weeks after the Vaser liposuction procedure. A course of antibiotics for at least five days after the liposuction procedure will be given. Please resume your normal activities level as you feel better and you can tolerate during the week following the Vaser liposuction procedure. Avoid strenuous activities such as lifting or aerobic exercise for at least 2 weeks. It is wise to protect incisions and bruised areas from direct sun exposure until the area is completely healed or use sun-block creams. You can carry out gentle massage of the treated area with the pulps of your finger and palms of your hand after the Vaser operation. It is also known that more active massaging from 2 weeks following the procedure will speed up the healing process. This therapeutic massage can be carried out as often as every other day and as hard as one can tolerate. It is also thought that this aggressive massaging should not be carried out on the chin area following the Vaser procedure.
    If you experience any post-operative nausea, it might be caused by sedation or your post-operative medications, and we advise that you take them with food whenever possible. If you stomach feels normal, start with soups, finally resuming a regular diet. Please drink plenty of clear fluids.

  • How much fatty tissue can be removed by Vaser liposuction from my body?

    Large deposits of fatty tissues can be removed by Vaser liposuction compared with Smartlipo and similar fat reducing laser and radiofrequency devices. However, these procedures are not for weight reduction. It is reported from the USA that beyond five liters of fat removal is not safe during one procedure. The amount of fat which can be removed from the body under local anesthetic medications with or without sedation depends on several factors including the site and extent of fat deposits.

  • What should I expect from the Vaser liposuction procedure?

    The goal of Vaser lipo fat removal is not weight loss, but improved contour. In fact, since the body retains fluids in response to surgery, you may even notice a temporary weight gain (resolving over the first week). In addition, please remember that for the majority of patients the goal is significant improvement, not perfection. Lower abdominal patients may experience significant swelling in the pubic area after Vaser lipo. Bruising is minimal with Vaser Liposuction. Nevertheless, the more extensive the surgery, the more bruising one can normally expect. Post-operative discomfort usually takes the form of deep muscle soreness and normally improves over the following 2 - 7 days. Slight temperature evaluation and flushing of the face, neck and upper chest could last 48 hours. You may initially experience a mild depression that should begin lifting after the first week, once you see the bruising and swelling fade. If areas on the thighs were treated, you may have swelling in your calves and ankles for up to 3 weeks. Post Vaser liposuction medications prescribed should be taken as directed by your doctor. If you are unable to take any of the medications (particularly your antibiotic) for any reasons, please contact us so we can arrange for other medications. Post-operative appointment is given . For your maximum healing and optimal long-term results, it is very important that you follow the schedule of appointments we establish after Vaser liposuction surgery.
    Vaser Liposuction is carried out under local anaesthetic medications and occasionally we combine it with a sedative medications. Therefore, you are able to walk and return to some activities immediately after the procedure. However, pain, discomfort and experience of having Vaser Liposuction is a unique experience for each individual and the reaction to this experience is not easy to predict.
    It is advisable if you experience excessive pain, redness, fullness and swelling in the treated area, particularly if you feel unwell and have temperature/fever you need to contact us immediately.

  • How can Vaser liposuction benefit patients and doctors?

    It has been reported that if traditional liposuction is performed on one side of the body and Vaser liposuction on the other side of the body (on the same areas for example love handles, hips) of the same person, Vaser lipo gives a smoother and more sculpted result. The client's satisfaction was higher and discomfort was less with Vaser lipo.
    The same report from the USA also reveals, Vaser lipo was superior to other methods of fat reduction. It is thought that Vaser liposuction is also a good tool for the doctor because it will generate business by opening up the option and bringing in those clients who were afraid to get more invasive traditional liposuction. Vaser liposuction is easier and safer to perform and Vaser lipo is less tiring for the doctor, it seems Vaser liposuction capable of delivering better results for clients and is user friendy for the doctor. Apart from Vaser liposuction there are other alternatives but it has been claimed that none of as effective as Vaser lipo. For example, Body Water-jet, radiofrequency fat reduction and Smartlipo with suction and other laser lipolysis methods are also minimally invasive liposuction technologies which are used for fat reduction. Increasingly Vaser Liposuction is replacing other methods of liposuction because it is safer, easier and probably cheaper, and more patients are requesting Vaser liposuction and other methods of liposuction.

    Male breast reduction, backs and previous liposuction operations sites which might have more fibrous tissue could be treated with Vaser liposelection technology. Treating these areas with Vaser liposuction is less painful with more satisfactory results. However, Vaser liposuction is more ideal for these sites as the Vaser liposuction emulsifies fatty tissue and fibrous tissues which could more easily and rapidly be aspirated out with gentle Vaser liposuction cannulae. Smoother results could be achieved by using Vaser liposuction because with standard liposuction there is a risk of creating irregularities with little tunnels with the cannulae. There was a fear of skin thermal injury with older generations of ultrasound devices but Vaser lipo has a proven safety record on being used superficially to emulsify and remove the fatty layer underneath the skin. There is also a noticeable skin retraction and subsequent skin tightening is proportional to the ability to remove the fatty layers underneath the skin. These factors all should satisfy customers and doctors alike when Vaser lipo has been used.

  • Why do you use Vaser liposuction for male breast reduction?

    At Doctors Makeover we use Vaser lipo for male breast reduction because there are more fibrous tissue in the male breast which can be effectively breakdown by Vaser liposelection technology. Vaser liposuction of male male breast is less painful with more satisfactory results. Vaser liposuction emulsifies fatty tissue and breaks down the fibrous tissues which could be aspirated out with gentle Vaser liposuction cannulae. Vaser lipo gives Smoother results because of powerful ultrasound technology which could effect fibrous tissues more than the standard traditional liposuction which might also cause irregularities. However, some people expressed concern with risk of skin thermal injury with older generations of ultrasound devices but Vaser lipo has a proven safety record on being used superficially to emulsify and remove the fatty layer underneath the skin. There is also a noticeable skin retraction and subsequent skin tightening after Vaser lipo procedure. The skin retraction could be related to Vaser lipo fat selective action and Vaser lipo ability to preserve some tissue layers under the skin.

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